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The importance of goals

2023-08-15 09:19

Marco Fornaro


The importance of goals

During my personal growth journey I have had various moments of grace or enlightenment, but there is one that occupies my thoughts EVERY day

During my personal growth journey I have had various moments of "grace" or "enlightenment", all beautiful and many truly "Life Changing"

But there's one in particular, just one, that occupies my thoughts EVERY day since I experienced it

It happened while studying NLP, the topic was the management of personal goals, goals of any kind: professional, sports, personal, NLP teaches very well to define, structure them, and to set a path to reach them.

It is easy to understand that setting goals, writing them,   explicitly declaring them to yourself, to the world, to your "inner circle", to your soulmate or to your coach, is generally a positive thing, if nothing else it helps to clarify ideas and to   "channeling" our energies, but the "magic" for ME happened when the instructor pronounced the following sentence:

“The difference between a goal and a dream is an expiration date”

  And that's right!, continuing to think about something without defining it in a practical way, starting from the date on which we want to reach/obtain that something is not only useless …. it is harmful, frustrating, if the dream is not fulfilled, it slowly turns into a nightmare, which instead of improving our life, poisons it…irreparably.

The awareness gained when I heard that phrase has radically influenced my life, for the better, it has literally exploded my energies

Since then, when I wake up in the morning my first thought goes to achieving the goals I set for myself, I wonder what I can do TODAY to advance in their achievement, I check what my resources are TODAY to achieve them, first of all and essentially the TIME I can dedicate


I write in my daily diary what I will do and how much time I will dedicate to each pre-set activity (technically I call them “micro-goals”) and then ….


Obviously many unpleasant things can happen during the day, for example unplanned and urgent work or personal commitments, symptoms of a seasonal flu, a broken pipe in the house …. In short, “shit happens”! …. and how if it happens! …. sometimes it happens for weeks at a time!

obviously when "shit happens" I have to change my plans, and in some cases give up altogether on achieving my "day" goals (... and in some cases reflexively re-modulate my long-term goals) ... BUT ... regardless from what happens, invariably, I end my day SERENE AND HAPPY, because I KNOW I have done everything in my power …. And..... I let myself enjoy a moment of pure leisure and relaxation before going to bed

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